Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Welcome to the new SEAWINGS Blog....!

This blog has been set-up as the place where all the musings of SEAWINGS can go - call it 'Rumour Control' if you like; the place where I can tell you about new kits in the pipeline, or a quick look at some images that I have received, in-fact just about anything connected with flying boats.

The reason for this starting this blog is simply that the main SEAWINGS site is first and foremost a reference website and I don't want it to become clogged with text; each time I do an up-date I have been concerned that there isn't enough space on the What's New page to really list things, or mention what's happening around the site. I get asked often 'why so long between up-dates', well now I have somewhere to tell you what's coming up and why it takes so long, or whatever.

Also, The SEAWINGS Flying Boat Forum isn't the right place for what I want to do here; that too is a reference site in the main. Currently, there are 163 registered members (it's free if YOU want to join!) and I know that SEAWINGS gets many more visitors a day than visit the forum. That's ok, I don't have a problem with that as I know (because they have told me) that they are people that don't wish to join or contribute but here now they can if they want to - just by posting on the blog.

So, here is where you will find out what I'm thinking of up-loading in the next few weeks, what's been sent in to me in the way of reference material, and anything else I can think of.

Your contribution is warmly welcomed! 

More later............


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Cathy Howat said...

For Flightsim users, please be aware that the 1st Class Simulations Sunderland will NOT work in prepa3d V3